Your goal when selling your Central Mass home should be to get the highest price in the shortest amount of time. Practically anyone could potentially sell your Central Mass home right now because of the current market we are in, but NOT anyone can sell it for the highest possible price! That is something that takes skill, market knowledge and trained negotiating skills. Many sellers aware of the market conditions , that I work with as a Central Mass Realtor think , “ GREAT- show me the money!!” Yes! Absolutely! How this is accomplished is by following these quick and easy to understand secrets that are all part of a proven strategy to get the highest price for your Central Home Mass home.


Buyers pay MUCH more for homes they fall in love with…the ones that really pull at their heartstrings. But how do you help buyers fall in love with your home? They don’t have all the beloved memories in the home that you do, so here are a few strategies to help convert them!

1. DRESS TO IMPRESS! What is true of you, is also true for your home! First impressions matter big time when selling your Central Mass home. Buyers have busy lives and don’t want to work hard to imagine how your home could work for them. They want you to show them.

So start with some great CURB APPEAL so they feel welcomed by the outside appearance of your Central Mass home. Mow the lawn, plant a few flowers, and don’t leave clutter outside your home.

2. Next, do some DECLUTTERING to show buyers all the space your Central Mass home has for “their”stuff! Staging your home to appeal to what buyers most want, rather than how you need it to live increases the warm fuzzies that translates into higher offers! Read more about how to stage here

3. Almost all buyers LOVE Central Mass homes that feel light and bright to help them get through our dreary winters, so make sure you open all blinds, curtains, and turn on ALL available lights after adding the highest wattage of bulb you can get!!

4. Only hire a Realtor that uses PROFESSIONAL QUALITY PHOTOS!  I am often shocked by the number of poor quality of photos I see on the MLS trying to sell properties! Especially when you consider that 92 % of home shoppers begin online! These photos are the very first impression buyers get and it needs to WOW them if you want to encourage them to schedule an appointment.


Real estate agents are a dime a dozen. It is an easy profession to get into, so they come and go frequently. Many agents work only part time, some as a side job while others just got their license or maybe sell 3-4 homes per year.

If you are anything like me, you are going to want your biggest investment in the hands of an experienced Realtor who has an extensive sales history, works full time, knows their stuff and is devoted to this field! How else could you possibly expect them to help you get the best deal? If you are interested in getting the highest price for your Central Mass home relative to the current market, make sure you do a little research on your agent before committing and choose an agent that you feel will help you accomplish YOUR goals!


What? This just seems wrong !! How can you possibly expect to get the most money for your home unless you price it high?  I can’t count the number of times a seller has said to me, “well let’s just start high and then we can always lower it. “ And YES, of course this is an option…just not a good one if your goal is to get the highest price from the start. Statistics show that homes priced correctly right from the start end up selling for a higher price than those that start high and come down over time. That is because usually when the house first hits the market is when you have the highest interest in the home, so if these hungry yet internet savvy buyers see a price they know is too high, they will not put in an offer. Instead, the property sits on the market. The longer on the market, and the more price cuts, the lower the offer that eventually comes in.


You need to make sure that your home has the greatest potential buyer reach possible! The more people competing for your home, the higher the price will go! The Multiple Listing Service ( MLS) entry is just the start! Your home needs to be visible on every website that buyers visit such as, Redfin, Zillow, and even agent websites. Your home needs to reach the email of every single person in the MLS whose search matches your home! Utilizing social media sites like Facebook is an even newer technique that sells homes faster  and for more money!


Sometimes you only get one opportunity to get a buyer in your door. Between the challenge of coordinating everyone’s schedule and visiting other homes on the market, buyers have a tendency to not always reschedule if the first time won’t work. And that buyer could have been the one to put in the highest offer! So do your best to accommodate all reasonable requests!

Open houses are a great way to get those buyers in the door who may not be quite ready for the commitment of having an agent showing. Plenty of buyers out there just window shop until the perfect house shows up that motivates them enough to put in an offer!


The overall strategy here is to create powerful positive feelings inside as many buyers as possible, so that many offers come in at one time, creating competition and raising the price.When you implement these 5 secrets you WILL sell your home for the highest possible price!



If you are looking for fabulous results when selling your Central Mass home  or looking to get the best deal when buying the ideal Central Mass home for you, I would love the opportunity to help you accomplish this! My name is Lynda Hafner, REALTOR, GRI, PSA from ERA KEY REALTY.  Please reach out to me at 508-942-7923 or